Silent Camera

Discrete, fast loading, fast hiding! SILENT Camera Application made for Android.

Take silent photos! Silent Camera enables you to take pictures with your phone in silence, and no shutter sound – No rooting required.

Silent Camera has two viewing modes, camera view and web view. Camera view displays the camera, virtually in fullscreen. Web view can be set at the touch of a button to instantly hide the camera view and display an innocent looking web page (web page address can be customised in settings)

 Silent Camera

By default, Silent Camera displays an image of Google homepage when you press ‘Hide Camera’, for fast loading.

In both views you can take a silent photo!
A message box displays on the screen to inform you that a picture has been taken.

Silent Camera pictures are saved to a folder on your sdcard called ‘..sdcard/SilentCameraPictures/’ they are not stored in your default gallery.

The app clears its own cache folder when you close it, to save space on your phone.

Discrete, fast loading, fast hiding, SILENT Camera Application made for Android.

ssxx1 Silent Camera

Main Features:

Totally Silent Camera
Auto Focus
Discrete web view mode
Stores pictures in own folder on sdcard
Auto Cache Clearing
Customisable through settings
Works on rooted and non-rooted phones