Pocket Lock It – Auto Lock Android Screen

Pocket Lock It will lock your phone when you put it in your pocket / turn it over / close the cover …there are many options to customize the overall function.


Using phone sensors the app will lock with either a protection panel or the full lock screen.


If using the protection panel option, you may additionally set an Unlock Delay – a time before the app begins checking for pocket style movement. Enabling customization for all occasions. Alternatively, select Full Lock to force the lock screen to appear and the screen to turn off.


Pocket Lock It

Screen Lock when phone is place in your pocket.

Enable Voice Alert – to get an audible alert when screen locking begins. Also enable Shake To Stop – to close and disable the app by shaking your phone.


Pocket Lock It can start at boot time (if selected) meaning its ultra-easy to control operation without to many clicks while locking the screen or locking the phone,


Options to disable screen locking if the phone battery is too low, and option to disable screen lock when you are making or receiving a call. Pocket Lock It will display a notification while locking the screen, offering a one-click method to end locking or change settings.



Easy To Use
Locks your Screen or Protects It
Lots Of Options
Shake To Close
Voice Notifications
Custom Delay Settings
Auto Disable On Low Battery
Optional Levels Of Screen Protection
Pocket Detection Also Works Cover Close
Lock Screen or Lock Phone


Pocket Locket Is 100% Free



…so, Enjoy!







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