Pocket Lock It - Auto Lock Android ScreenPocket Lock It will lock your phone when you put it in your pocket / turn it over / close the cover ...there are many options to customize the overall function.   Using phone sensors the app will lock with either a protection panel or the full lock screen.

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Lock Android Screen Orientation - with Screen Rotation Locker (free) Rotation Lock allows you to force your device into a particular screen orientation. Supports all orientations and all versions of Android.   While you can force any application into any orientation, not all applications will work correctly in all orientations.

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How to reclaim up to 1GB from your Android device free with Thumb Space How to reclaim up to 1GB from your Android's disk space... A simple app to sort your thumbs data and index files, in order to reclaim up to 1GB of space on your Android device.

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Phone Stream – Facebook style TaskManager for Android  Phone Stream is ‘facebook for your phone’ See a live stream of events that occour on your phone.

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RingMaker - Ringtone Maker Update  Ringmaker updated - download your copy of the recontly updated Ringtone Maker app for android. Available free from the Google Play store, and now compatible to Android version 4.4 so go check it out: Install Ring Maker RingMaker allows you to record your own ringtones from any sound.

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WakeUp! - Youtube Alarm Clock for AndroidYoutube Alarm Clock for Android, with 2 homescreen widgets... 6 themes... 10+ settings... 3 alarm snooze options plus snooze notification... video search by keyword or username... volume settings and full screen settings for Youtube alarm video playback, supports HD.

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Next Bus New York – Free Live city bus trackerNext Bus New York uses real-time bus tracking data that covers all bus routes in Staten Island, the B61 in Brooklyn, and the M34-SBS/M34A-SBS in Manhattan, with even more routes coming.

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RingMaker is a Free ringtone maker for AndroidRecord your own ringtones, for free!   Make ringtones from any sound. Ring Maker enables you to record and save any sound and set it as you phones ringtone. Or choose from over 100 free ringtones included.

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