Sixth Sense

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Ever get the feeling that someone is about to call you?

Or your phone rings and you already know who it is before you look…

Sixth Sense will help you keep track of your perceptive thoughts. Choose who you think is going to call next. Select from your contacts, and see if you’re right.

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A status bar icon shows your chosen contact, when you receive a call Sixth Sense checks against your prediction. The status notification alerts you without interupting the call.

 Sixth Sense







Conduct your own precognitive experiment, the results may surprise you. Everyone experiences precognitive events in their lives — a phone rings and you know who is calling, sometimes even why they are calling too, you just get ‘a feeling’ before you answer it.


Trust your feelings and predict your next caller…






Photo Locker

Keep your private photos private!

Protect your gallery pictures with a password and encryption.

Photo Locker enables you to password protect individual image files from your photo gallery and sdcard. Images are also encrypted to ensure nobody can view them.

ss1 web Photo Locker   ss2 Photo LockerProtected photos display in your regular Gallery with a padlock image. So anyone browsing through your gallery will be unable to see protected pictures and thumbnails.

Take new photos directly from within the app, and instantly lock them from prying eyes. Choose a different password for each image if you like, or stick to the same password.

This app is lightweight and user friendly, with background image loading, minimal security permissions, persistent data, camera function, password protection and image encryption.

Browse through your gallery pictures simply tap a picture to select it and lock it with Photo Locker. Or enter your password to unlock and decrypt the image. Peace of mind with your photos.

Supports multiple image formats (jpg, bmp, gif, png..)

Unlimited image locking/viewing.

Move app to SD card now enabled!

Truly secure your private photos – with a password and encryption!

Lightweight & user friendly, Photo Locker is the #1 security app for your images

unnamed8 Photo Locker

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