RingMaker – Ringtone Maker Update

 RingMaker   Ringtone Maker Update  Ringmaker updated – download your copy of the recontly updated Ringtone Maker app for android.

Available free from the Google Play store, and now compatible to Android version 4.4 so go check it out:

Install Ring Maker

RingMaker allows you to record your own ringtones from any sound.  In addition to providing you with over 100 free ringtones in your own personal ringtone library.

Record your dog barking to alert you to a new text message or call, or perrhaps you would prefer the sound of a baby crying, your favorite music track, a familiar sound… your own voice?  Anythings possible.

Upgrade to the Pro version and get an extra 150 free ringtones to your ringtone library (>250 total) or enjoy the free version  with 100 free ringtones in the library.

Either way if you create your own ringtones or use the default, you will enjoy Ring Maker

WakeUp! – Youtube Alarm Clock for Android

UPDATE [25/01/2014]  -  Get the latest version (fixed Add button issue):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.appandmobile.wakeup


Wake up to YouTube! Youtube Alarm Clock lets you set an unlimited number of alarms, and wake up to your favorite Youtube videos.


★ The Ultimate Youtube Alarm Clock app ★


With 2 homescreen widgets… 6 themes… 10+ settings… 3 alarm snooze options plus snooze notification… video search by keyword or username… volume settings and full screen settings for Youtube alarm video playback, supports HD.

Additionally, alarms can be enabled or disabled for induvidual days of the week.

 WakeUp!   Youtube Alarm Clock for Android


Set as many alarms as you want (widgets support up to 6)
Small widget displays 3 alarms plus next alarm time.
Large widget displays 6 alarms plus video thumbnails.

Personalize your app by choosing from any of the themes via the settings menu or stick to the default ‘youtube’ style. Or use the other settings to customize the app and widgets, you will find many options.

Snooze video alarm for 5, 10 or 15 minutes – this will also add a notification icon to the taskbar informing you of the snooze option. Alternatively, end the alarm and go back to sleep.

Video search by keyword enables you to add almost any Youtube video to your alarms.

Weather it is music, documentary, comedy, random sounds or your favorite movie clip, you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. Search also by Youtube username if you know it, to see all videos uploaded to Youtube by a user. (so you can even add your own youtube videos).

Youtube Alarm Clock supports HD video playback, if selected, plus full screen mode or ‘pop-up’ mode if you prefer.
You will find Youtube Alarm clock easy to use but full of features, so enjoy!
An unlimited number of alarms – WakeUp! to YouTube Alarm Clock.


 WakeUp!   Youtube Alarm Clock for Android