Next Bus New York – Free Live city bus tracker

Live New York Bus Timetable, know when the next bus will arrive at your New York bus stop. Tracks real-time bus arrivals for New York City Buses.
Next Bus New York uses real-time bus tracking data that covers all bus routes in Staten Island, the B61 in Brooklyn, and the M34-SBS/M34A-SBS in Manhattan, with even more routes coming.
GPS hardware wirelessly transmits bus locations so you can look up upcoming arrivals for your bus stop.



Click or use phone…

Next Bus New York brings this service to Android, with a host of features. Search by bus route or stop code to find your bus stop, or select from a list of bus stops nearby. Next Bus New York will display a list of all buses arriving at bus stops nearby, using your phones gps.

View a map of the bus stop and surrounding area (map updates as you move to / from your bus stop).


Save your favorite bus stops, or add them to the Next Bus New York homescreen widgets…




Save Favorites
Search by New York bus number
Search by stop code
View your location on a map
Finds nearest bus stops to your location using gps
Live Homescreen Widgets (3)
New Your Bus Routes Covered..

Bx Routes
BxM Routes
S Routes
X Routes

Other Routes:

..and more bus routes to come.
Next Bus New York is Free, enjoy.






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